Iphone Hard Reset

What is iphone hard reset ? Why and When to do it? How ?

Guide to Hard Reset iPhone

If your iPhone is not responding to your commands or are taking the unusual behavior, the hard reset can be a quick and effective solution to solve many hardware and software problems. Let's see how to restore an iPhone with the hard reset!

In terms of Apple hard reset is a simply forced restart that helps us to revert back to the default functionality for software and hardware which is vital for an iPhone.

What is the hard reset iPhone?

In common terms, the 'hard reset is a hard repair of a device to factory settings but not for the entire memory but only for parameters that govern the relationship between hardware and software; for many smartphones and tablets, the 'hard reset deletes all settings and user data back to its normal state in which the product left the factory.

Fortunately, for Apple iOS users, the hard reset is nothing more than a simply forced restart that helps us to restore the default values for software and hardware features vital to an iPhone and iPad.

NB: the 'hard reset on iPhone does not cause the loss of your data (contacts, e-mail, photographs, videos, etc.). This action resets some values that do not affect the preferences and settings.

When do the hard reset?

There are several situations in which a forced restart may lead. In fact, whether you continuous application crashes or if your iPhone does not turn more, doing a reset succeed with a good chance to solve all your problems!

In fact, there are many users who had iPhone that completely dead and locked, or sensors not working, who follow the hard reset process.

How to do hard reset on the iPhone and iPad? - Forcing a Restart

Perform the hard reset with iOS is really quick and easy to maintain. All you have to do just follow these steps:

  • First step: Press both buttons simultaneously, one circular and one above the device with sufficient force so that there is no response from the device.
  • Second step: Continue holding down both buttons until you see a question on the screen, will be here to restart your device, press it. This can take 15 to 60 seconds. At this point, you will be asked to turn off the device. If you answer yes, remember to turn it back on after you finish.
Press the two buttons to hard reset iPhone

It's important to remember that if the device does not restart, there may be two main causes:

1: The iPhone is completely blocked, it is impossible to restart from this position. We must drain it before the battery or apps or sites loading complete its process of opening. Then you have to wait until it drains the battery.

2: The pressure on the two buttons simultaneously or not strong enough, to solve this just check individually the maximum capacity pressure of two buttons then press both at up to this limit.

  • Third step: Your Hard Reset is completed, you only have to restart the iPhone; attention, the device will take a long time to recover, since they will have to return the system to its initial status, i.e. the first hard reset. You have to wait for all the processes and then restart and play normally.

To finalize the operation correctly, firstly I recommend you to read the 3 steps and then proceed with the iphone hard reset. By reading this you will know the correct way to reset your device.